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Podcasting with LoMo and Boog

27 October 2011

Marlins OF/Twitter star Logan Morrison and ESPN broadcaster deluxe Jon “Boog” Sciambi (making his second JKP appearance) joined me on today’s show to discuss the World Series and other fun baseball stuff.

3 Keys for Game 6

27 October 2011

…is the topic of my latest post at Grantland.

Weirdest World Series Moments

26 October 2011

Wrote about some of the weirdest moments in World Series history, for Grantland.

World Series Game 5 Recap

25 October 2011

The top 21 moments from one of the craziest baseball games of our lifetime.

World Series Games 3-4 Wrap

24 October 2011

up at Grantland.

World Series Game 2 Recap

21 October 2011

On the Rangers winning with defense and baserunning, and the need to bench Josh Hamilton.

World Series Roundup

20 October 2011

My World Series preview

Podcast with Grantland colleague Rany Jazyerli and Rangers AGM Thad Levine

And a recap of Game 1, in which Ron Washington instantly renders my prediction all but moot


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