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The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 51

21 July 2011

Today’s guest is Jon Weisman, who writes about baseball at Dodger Thoughts and about film and television at Variety. Follow him on Twitter @DodgerThoughts

The topics we cover:

  • 0:30-2:16: This episode is brought to you by the comedy stylings of Wyndotte Street (on Twitter @WyndotteStreet)
  • 2:17-7:44: The Moneyball movie
  • 7:45-11:26: Friday Night Lights
  • 11:27-18:42: This year’s Emmy nominations
  • 18:43-25:43: Baseball blogging O.G. Dodger Thoughts, celebrating its 9th anniversary today!
  • 25:44-26:59: Having a dual baseball-entertainment persona
  • 27:00-33:09: Frank McCourt
  • 33:10-36:15: The Dodgers’ salvation: Clayton Kershaw
  • 36:16-41:08: Food Pick of the Week
  • Jon’s pick
    My pick

  • 41:09-end: Funny how Clark Kent and Superman are never in the same room: The time that Jon interacted with Michael Schur and his secret identity Ken Tremendous without realizing they are the same person

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