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The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 48

30 June 2011

Today’s guest is Rob Neyer, National Baseball Editor for SB Nation. Follow him on Twitter @RobNeyer.

The topics we cover:

  • 0:30-2:53: The San Francisco Giants’ huge run differential
  • 2:54-5:17: The Diamondbacks’ key to success: no big weaknesses
  • 5:18-9:51: Is the San Francisco Giants’ success a fluke?
  • 9:52-13:14: The Philadelphia Phillies’ not-great offense
  • 13:15-15:23: Great pitching and flawed offense on the Seattle Mariners
  • 15:24-18:28: Where have all the big deals gone?
  • 18:29-19:45: Teams that won’t admit they’re out of it
  • 19:46-21:29: Who’s going to win the AL Central?
  • 21:30-23:48: The transition from DH to non-DH
  • 23:49-27:04: The Frank McCourt mess
  • 27:05-30:11: The pluses and minuses of Mark Cuban as an MLB owner
  • 30:12-41:54: Summer movie preview
  • 41:55-45:54: My next book: The definitive history of the Montreal Expos!
  • 45:55-49:28: First person writing and The Jonah Power Rankings
  • 49:29-51:15: The new Elements of Style
  • 51:16-52:59: Our upcoming appearance at Fangraphs Live at SABR 41 in Los Angeles
  • 53:00-end: Food Pick of the Week
  • Rob’s pick
    Rob’s bonus pick
    My pick

  • 57:28-end: The great talent at SB Nation including… Ashton Kutcher?!?

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