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The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 46

14 June 2011

Today’s guest is Jeff Passan, MLB columnist for Yahoo! Sports and co-author of the book Death to the BCS: The Definitive Case Against the Bowl Championship Series. Follow him on Twitter @JeffPassan

The topics we cover:

  • 0:30-14:15: The NBA Finals and Dirk’s quiet moment
  • 14:16-33:35: Jeff’s in-depth article on José Bautista, out today at The Postgame (with tangents on fantastic newspaper sports sections, megalomaniacal managers, great sports nicknames, and shaved heads)
  • 33:36-39:14: Possible realignment in Major League Baseball
  • 39:15-47:45: Finding a voice as a writer
  • 47:46-53:48: Food Pick of the Week
  • Jeff’s pick (specifically, one particular dish)
    My pick

  • 53:49-55:16: Death to the BCS
  • 55:17-57:05: José Bautista the honorary Jew (not that other José Bautista, the actual Jew)
  • 57:06-end: Why Jeff refuses to follow you on Twitter or be your Facebook friend

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