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The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 26

25 February 2011

My guest this week is the great Rob Neyer, prolific SB Nation(!) writer, bon vivant, and baseball enthusiast. Rob is also a gigantic movie buff, and thus well equipped to anchor this Oscars-stuffed episode.

The topics we cover:

  • 1:12-4:20: Intro to the Best Picture category, wherein Rob says he researches movies beforehand so he doesn’t end up with a stinker…
  • 4:21-7:19: …except “Dinner for Schmucks”. Though at least “Dinner for Schmucks” stars Paul Rudd, who went to the same high school as SNL actor Jason Sudeikis…and Rob Neyer!
  • 7:20-8:42: Of the handful of films I saw in 2010, “Inception” was my favorite. What did Rob think?
  • 8:43-13:04: “Toy Story 3”, what makes a good comedy, and why comedies get overlooked at Oscar time
  • 13:05-14:40: Rob Neyer: stathead for baseball, touchy-feely guy for everything else
  • 14:41-17:14: On seeing movies by one’s self, and the random celebrity encounters that occasionally ensue
  • 17:15-21:21: Only one 2010 movie got the coveted 100 score in Rob’s ratings. It was…
  • 21:22-22:24: Should a movie get a bonus for being a legitimate blockbuster that’s also really good?
  • 22:25-23:19: A few words about documentaries
  • 23:20-26:31: Does “The Social Network” get bonus points for exceeding very high expectations?
  • 26:32-29:18: “The King’s Speech”, and the Academy’s bias toward English period pieces
  • 29:19-31:20: Rob’s pick for…Best Actor
  • 31:21-32:24: …Best Actress
  • 32:25-34:13: …Best Supporting Actress
  • 34:14-36:29: …Best Supporting Actor
  • 36:30-37:36: …Best Director
  • 37:37-41:38: On to baseball (and media)! Why did Rob leave for SB Nation?
  • 41:39-43:44: Rob the Mentor
  • 43:45-44:55: How does Adam Wainwright’s injury affect the NL Central race?
  • 44:56-51:21: Has Major League Baseball, or the Tigers, or the union…has anyone gone far enough to help Miguel Cabrera, and other players with serious problems like (potentially) alcoholism?
  • 51:22-53:49: Rob’s (potential) surprise of the 2011 season is…
  • 53:50-58:06: Food Pick of the Week
  • My pick
    Rob’s East Coast pick
    Rob’s West Coast pick

  • 58:07-end: Check out Rob (and me) on the Baseball Analytics panel of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

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