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The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 22

8 February 2011

My guest today is Dirk Hayhurst, a pitcher recently signed by the Tampa Bay Rays, and only the third active major leaguer ever to pen a New York Times-bestselling book. That bestseller, called The Bullpen Gospels, is packed with wildly funny stories from life on the road in the bush leagues. It’s also moving, insightful, and thought-provoking, and has vaulted onto my list of top baseball books. Hayhurst’s new book is due out April 1, 2012. Until then, follow his very entertaining Twitter feed, @TheGarfoose…and enjoy his insights in this podcast.

The topics we cover:

  • 2:15-4:29: How and when did you first start crafting The Bullpen Gospels, and writing in this format?
  • 4:30-7:17: Hayhurst discusses his literary influences, or lack thereof
  • 7:18-11:51: Aside from the noble goal of trying to make a buck, did writing The Bullpen Gospels offer some catharsis from a really horrible home life?
  • 11:52-15:40: Do baseball players seek counseling or psychological help when they go through personal adversity, or is that frowned upon and avoided?
  • 15:41-20:12: How does a celibate teetotaler fit into a baseball clubhouse?
  • 20:13-22:54: Given all the machismo prevalent in a typical clubhouse, what might the reaction be to the first professional player to announce that he’s gay?
  • 22:55-30:50: How social media has changed the way athletes act and interact, and baseball’s initial resistance
  • 30:51-36:59: The origin and meaning of The Garfoose
  • 37:00-39:40: How and when did Hayhurst record all the vivid conversations that took place between teammates and formed the backbone of the book?
  • 39:41-45:05: How does Hayhurst resolve the conflict of playing the game he’s always dreamed of playing, vs. the harsh feelings he has toward many aspects of baseball life?
  • 45:06-49:25: Has baseball – at various levels – made any effort to improve the horrific nutritional habits of its players, and the tiny budgets which force fast food on those players?
  • 49:26-54:22: Early impression of the Rays…at least the general vibe and what he’s heard?
  • 54:23-57:29: What’s on tap for the next book?
  • 57:30-end: Food Pick of the Week

My pick
Dirk’s pick

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