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The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 20

1 February 2011

My guest this week is Luke Winn, college basketball writer for Sports Illustrated and You can follow him on Twitter @LukeWinn.

The topics we cover:

  • 1:25-9:23: The Jimmer!
  • 9:24-13:07: Is this the year the Mountain West breaks through?
  • 13:08-17:12: Kemba Walker and Jared Sulllinger, challengers to The Jimmer’s throne
  • 17:13-22:12: Kenneth Faried, the next Dennis Rodman (in a good way)
  • 22:13-25:18: Are there unknowns in the draft anymore?
  • 25:19-27:42: The lost art of rebounding
  • 27:43-31:50: What do we know about Duke right now?
  • 31:51-33:44: Austin Rivers is going to be the next Duke phenom
  • 33:45-38:31: Luke does a masterful job integrating statistical analysis into his work
  • 38:32-44:11: The Style Archive
  • 44:12-48:16: Stories for casual basketball fans to watch before we hit March Madness
  • 48:17-end: Food Pick of the Week

My pick
Luke’s pick

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