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The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 18 (Part 2)

21 January 2011

Continuing from Part 1 with Dave Dameshek

The topics we cover:

  • 0:30-20:00: Penguins-Capitals, the greatness of HBO’s 24/7 special (don’t taunt Dave about Sidney Crosby’s looks!), and an NHL overview
  • 20:01-27:52: League of Leagues update! Vegas! Sweet 16 weekend! Illustrious guests! Unnecessary exclamation points!
  • 27:53-31:44: The Sports Show with Norm MacDonald(!), co-written by Dave Dameshek(!!)
  • 31:45-34:17: Aquaman Debate Interlude!
  • 34:18-44:34: Back to Norm/How does writing for a sports-targeted comedy differ from a general-interest comedy show?
  • 44:35-end: Food Pick of the Week
    My pick (Edited to Add: oops, I said Hayama but I meant Hiko)
    Dave’s pick

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  1. akno21 permalink
    22 January 2011 5:55 pm

    Dameshek’s a great guest, but he’s smarter than the “the Pens own the Caps” and “Ovechkin falters in the spotlight” memes.

    Since the Ovechkin-era Capitals’ first playoff season (’07-’08 — the Penguins obviously dominated the Capitals in the 1990s, but that’s not really relevant here), Washington is, including the playofffs, 12-4-5 against Pittsburgh. It hardly seems accurate to suggest the Penguins own the Capitals because in the teams’ one playoff series, Pittsburgh won 4-3. The Penguins romped in Game 7 (the only game in that series that wasn’t close), but that one game shouldn’t overshadow 20 others, a notion Dameshek would presumably agree with.

    As for Ovechkin, he averages 1.43 points per playoff game, compared with 1.30 per regular season game. Crosby, just for the record, is at 1.32 per playoff game, which is less than his regular season average. Capitals like Green, Backstrom, and Semin don’t always produce in the playoffs, but a cursory look at the evidence shows Ovechkin’s been pulling his weight.

    Penguins fans have plenty of legitimate ammunition to use against the Capitals — they’ve won 8 playoff series with Crosby, the Caps have just 1 with Ovechkin, and Crosby, at least on HBO, seems like a better leader. And I don’t disagree that Byslma seems to have it more together than Boudreau. But Dameshek’s Part 2 criticisms of the Capitals were lazy and very uncharacteristically parroting uninformed mainstream thought.

  2. Jonah permalink*
    22 January 2011 5:58 pm

    Agreed. I (lightly) called him on that, particularly the stuff about the Caps’ atmosphere being dismal. That bad a losing streak would make the most united, happy-go-lucky team in the world bitter.

    OTOH, I’m OK with 2-3 minutes of over-the-top homerism given how awesome Shek is in every way (including in the homerism sense, actually). There’s a reason he was my first-ever repeat podcast guest, aside from being a good friend.

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