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The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 17

17 January 2011

My guest this week is Amy K. Nelson, writer for and contributor to First Take, Outside The Lines, and other ESPN shows. Follow Amy’s very entertaining Twitter feed @AmyKNelson.

The topics we cover:

  • 1:14-5:34: How a sportswriter’s experiences can affect fandom, and how covering the NFL can be especially off-putting
  • 5:35-8:33: How is covering baseball different than covering football, and is it easier to remain a baseball fan when covering the game, vs. remaining a football fan?
  • 8:34-13:50: The 2001 Red Sox was an eclectic bunch
  • 13:51-22:18: How does a journalist develop enough trust with a source that you can get him to be the first pitcher to admit on record that he used performance-enhancing drugs?
  • 22:19-29:30: What was it about a story involving a blown call in a random baseball game (albeit at a crucial time) that resonated so much with people?
  • 29:31-34:24: What kind of a personality does it take to be an official in professional sports, given not only the kind of pressure that comes with making calls in big moments, but also the abuse, even threats you can get if and when you blow one?
  • 34:25-40:06: What, if anything, did writing a story about athletes’ infidelity teach us about the way they operate, and the way women who either play along or chase them, operate?
  • 40:07-44:10: Where do we draw the line between stories directly related to sports, and those that go so far outside the lines that they become more suitable for TMZ?
  • 44:11-47:36: Isn’t the obvious solution to athletes’ infidelity…don’t get married?
  • 47:37-55:50: How do you keep your head when covering an event as tragic as the death of Nick Adenhart?
  • 55:51-59:50: How does a major media organization like ESPN balance the need for page views and TV eyeballs with the desire to do quality, long-form journalism?
  • 59:51-end: Food Pick of the Week
    My pick
    My bonus pick
    Amy’s pick

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