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The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 15

10 January 2011

My guest this week is Ariel Helwani, Mixed Martial Arts writer and analyst for and the Versus Network. He was named MMA Journalist of the Year at the 2010 World MMA Awards.

Oh, and Ariel is also a gigantic Expos fan.

And we went to the same high school.

The topics we cover:

  • 1:44-8:46: Before Ariel became an MMA guru, he was a Montreal Expos superfan. How the Expos’ move affected him (and me), and how our sports fandom changed as a result
  • 8:47-10:20: How MMA is like pro wrestling…and unlike boxing
  • 10:21-14:44: One of MMA’s biggest problems: lousy judges
  • 14:45-21:02: Why I love GSP (Georges St. Pierre)
  • 21:03-24:16: Ariel sells me (and all of you!) on what makes MMA great
  • 24:17-29:16: Why you (and I) should see an MMA fight night live
  • 29:17-32:19: How and why MMA fighters compete more often than boxers
  • 32:20-36:25: The Kick Heard ‘Round The World
  • 36:26-38:25: Something else that makes MMA great: in any given fight, someone’s career could be on the line
  • 38:26-43:16: How would UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship, the biggest North American MMA circuit) be affected if Brock Lesnar leaves? Plus an amazing story about Lesnar and…The Undertaker!
  • 43:17-46:51: How have performance-enhancing drugs affected UFC, and how is the organization handling them?
  • 46:52-50:13: UFC Commissioner Dana White – good or bad for the sport?
  • 50:14-52:42: What’s the dream matchup for UFC fans?
  • 52:43-55:37: How can MMA (and UFC specifically) continue to gain popularity and grow?
  • 55:38-1:04:46: WARNING: Expos fans reminiscing (this may break your heart)
    Ariel’s favorite memory
    My favorite memory
    My other favorite memory
  • 1:04:47-end: Food Pick of the Week
    My pick
    Ariel’s pick

Follow Ariel on Twitter @arielhelwani.

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