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The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 12

20 December 2010

My guests this week are Greg Wyshynski and Sean Leahy of Yahoo Sports’ Puck Daddy blog. Greg and Sean head up a team of talented hockey bloggers who cover the NHL with skill and humor.

The topics Greg, Sean and I cover:

  • 0:31-3:01: Sexual euphemisms in Star Wars (what, you thought we’d start with actual hockey talk?)
  • 3:02-12:09: P.K. Subban’s brash demeanor, and the NHL’s own iteration of the No Fun League
  • 12:10-18:46: We need more showboating in sports, not less!
  • 18:47-24:21: The Toronto Maple Leafs are the New York Yankees…of the 1980s
  • 24:22-26:19: The Toronto Maple Leafs are also the Boston Red Sox…or are they?
  • 26:20-29:52: The salary cap’s impact on the NHL
  • 29:53-32:32: Lousy GMs exist in every sport, and the growing popularity of advanced stats isn’t enough to stop that
  • 32:33-37:30: Did the NHL expand too far, too fast? (Maybe not!)
  • 37:31-40:07: Glendale, Arizona: The dumbest of all sports-deluded cities, and that’s saying something
  • 40:08-47:00: HBO’s amazing “24/7” special, and why the NHL sucks at marketing
  • 47:01-57:34: Biggest surprises of the NHL season to date
  • 57:35-end: Food Pick of the Week

My pick
Sean’s pick
Greg’s pick

Follow Greg on Twitter @wyshynski and Sean @Sean_Leahy.

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