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The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 9

29 November 2010

My guest this week is Bruce Arthur, national sports columnist for the National Post. Bruce is so disturbingly similar to me that I couldn’t wait any longer to bring him onto the podcast.

The topics we cover:

  • 0:00-3:36: Bruce is my doppelgänger
  • 3:37-7:07: The pageantry of the Grey Cup
  • 7:08-13:39: The phenomenon of the Saskatchewan Roughriders
  • 13:40-32:21: LeBron James is kind of a dick; and, can the Miami Heat’s experiment work?
  • 32:22-43:39: Bruce tries to convince me that The Olympics are worth watching
  • 43:40-47:47: Bruce Arthur, the only Canadian ever to appear on Around the Horn
  • 47:48-57:49: Finally! 9 episodes in, The Simpsons is discussed on the podcast
  • 57:50-1:01:46: Food Pick of the Week
  • My pick
    Bruce’s pick

  • 1:01:47-1:03:05: Read Bruce’s work at National Post and follow him on Twitter @bruce_arthur

Player embedded below. To download, right click here.

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