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The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 6

8 November 2010

My guest this week is Chris Liss, managing editor for, football guru, poker aficionado, and an officially-endorsed Vegas running mate of the Jonah Keri Podcast.

The topics we cover:

  • 1:16-4:53: There’s nothing more entertaining than watching Chris Liss experience torment on NFL Sundays
  • 4:54-7:47: Thinking about sports, and life, through the prism of poker
  • 7:48-12:43 Randy Moss’s fallout with the Vikings, and Chris’s surprise takeaway from the whole mess
  • 12:44-14:40: So why shouldn’t journalists use anonymous sources anyway?
  • 14:41-18:29: Are there ever circumstances in which it’s OK for a journalist – be it a sports journalist, a political journalist, or someone else – to use anonymous sources?
  • 18:30-24:42: Are we being naïve to focus so heavily on journalistic integrity, given the immense pressure of breaking stories, and moreover the constant pressure of corporate media owners to simply draw eyeballs and make the biggest profits possible?
  • 24:43-28:39: Is this a weird year for football (and fantasy football)? Is there even such a thing as a weird year for football?
  • 28:40-32:30: Learning to love variance
  • 32:31-38:38: Stories to watch in the second half of the NFL season
  • 38:39-42:01: Can we do useful, predictive analysis for football, given the small sample sizes, and how quickly things change in the NFL?
  • 42:21-49:58: Food Pick of the Week
  • Chris’s restaurant pick and book pick
    My book pick

  • 49:59-52:06: Check out Chris’s Beating The Book column, Survivor column and East Coast Offense column at and his blogging at; listen to “Rotowire Fantasy Sports Today” every weekday from 11 am to 2 pm ET on XM 147/Sirius 211; and see the “Fantasy Football Live” show at Yahoo Sports every Sunday during NFL season at 12 pm ET.

Player embedded below. To download, right click here.

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