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The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 5

1 November 2010

My guest this week is the great Rob Neyer, prolific writer, bon vivant, and baseball enthusiast.

The topics we cover:

  • 1:58-3:49: Rob Neyer: the most prolific writer in history
  • 3:50-11:14: Working for Bill James
  • 11:15-14:49: Does internet culture foster crappy writing?
  • 14:50-23:15: Rob the Editor
  • 23:16-27:48: Birdwatching!
  • 27:49-43:42: Our impressions of the World Series
  • 43:43-57:19: What if Rob and Jonah took over Bud Selig’s job?
  • 57:20-1:03:42: Food Pick of the Week
  • My pick
    Rob’s pick

  • 1:03:43-1:10:30: Check out Rob at’s Sweet Spot blog and Rob Neyer Baseball

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  1. dnbst7 permalink
    1 November 2010 3:19 pm

    Is the SF/Tex matchup really a surprise? It seems to me that these two teams had the best postseason starting pitching rotations. What’s not surprising is that nobody pays enough attention to West Division teams to have noticed.

    • Jonah permalink*
      1 November 2010 5:52 pm

      I definitely wasn’t surprised by the Rangers – loved their starting pitching, but also their bullpen, lineup depth, defense, baserunning, everything.

      The Giants have to be considered a surprise, though, yes. As good as their pitching is (both bullpen and rotation), guys like Pat Burrell and Edgar Renteria are absolute zeroes, and several other regulars have notable flaws in their games (Huff doesn’t hit LH well, Uribe doesn’t get on base, etc.).

      With all that said, we go back to the point made in the podcast: No team should EVER truly be considered a surprise. Many flawed to borderline crappy teams have advanced in the playoffs, and some have even won the World Series. Such are the vagaries of small sample sizes. No reason the Giants can’t join that list.

  2. mrokjazztokyo permalink
    9 November 2010 9:30 pm

    Way late catching up on the podcasts but got to this one finally. Really enjoyed it, BUT:

    1: It may be heresy but I am not a fan of Bill James’ writing at all. He’s a bit obnoxious, doesn’t admit mistakes (Pete Rose) and frankly, a bit hypocrtitical. He bemoaned the growing income disparity in baseball in his Historical Abstract..then went to work for the Red Sox? (Note: I am a Yankee fan. Can’t stand people moaning about the’s America, you want redistribution of wealth in baseball but consider national health care to be Communist? Grrrr….) The stat work is of course the more important part of his work, and deserves recognition by the HOF.

    2: Will refrain from commenting on Montreal bagels as have never tried them..they better be DAMN good to be better than Brooklyn bagels..

    3: Your intro music to the tune of “Oh Sherrie”…I was humming it all day after that..bastard…


  1. Richard Deitsch: Rob Neyer, Jay Bilas highlight February Media Power List | Daily News

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