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The Jonah Keri Podcast, Episode 2 (Part 2)

12 October 2010

Continuing from Part 1 of the podcast with Dave Dameshek

The topics we cover in Part 2:

  • 0:30-1:55: Dave and I praise one-man band Rich Banks
  • 1:56-4:48: Campbell Conference and Stanley Cup picks
  • 4:49-7:25: Montreal Canadiens: Craziest fan/media base in North American sports
  • 7:26-9:17: More Campbell Conference/Stanley Cup analysis and predictions
  • 9:18-12:09: L.A. is an underrated hockey town…but Dave still wants to move the Ducks to Moose Jaw
  • 12:10-13:16: OK, now we’re really making our picks
  • 13:17-29:14: Dave doesn’t hate baseball, he just loathes injustice (and small sample sizes)
  • 29:15-35:47: Dave and I hate the BCS (like everyone else), but we’re also old romantics who want to reclaim the glory days of New Year’s Day bowl games
  • 35:48-56:36: State of the NFL
  • 56:37-59:05: The Charlie Batch for Steelers QB bandwagon is now accepting applicants
  • 59:06-1:07:05: Fantasy football is completely random, based almost entirely on luck, and borderline stupid. Want proof? I’m 5-0!!!
  • 1:07:06-1:09:45: The League of Leagues is going to be the greatest anything in the history of the universe
  • 1:09:46-1:14:20: Food Pick of the Week
  • For my breakfast choice(s), see here and here.
    For Dave’s king of french fries joints, head here.

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  1. arbeck permalink
    13 October 2010 11:38 am

    You talked a bit about the baseball playoffs and how they’re flawed on this podcast. Being a big baseball fan, I’ve thought about this quite a bit and come up with a system that I think works rewards the best teams, and makes things more exciting.

    First we have to re-align into two 15 league teams. I propose moving the Brewers back to the AL. Second, we do away with the divisions and unbalanced schedules. Every team plays 8 games against every other team in the league. Four at home and four on the road. Because we have an odd number of teams in each league, we have to either have a bye every series or we have interleague play throughout the year. I suggest the interleague play. Every team plays one 3 game series against all the teams in the other leagues. This makes a 157 game season.

    Now, we get to the playoffs. Six teams from each league qualify for the playoffs. However, the bottom 4 teams are treated differently. The third best team choses to play either the 5th or 6th best team for a one game home playoff. The fourth best team plays at home in a one game playoff against the remaining team. In case of ties, we have the following tie breakers. First tie breaker is head to head record. Second tie breaker is in league record. Third tie breaker is a coin flip.

    After the one game playoff. The team with the best record chooses their opponent and we play two 7 game series. The world series is the same as always, but the home team is decided by the league that had the best interleague record.

    • Jonah permalink*
      13 October 2010 11:56 am

      Interesting stuff, Andrew.

      The condensed version of my reply is I like the idea of abolishing unbalanced schedules, and divisions too for that matter. There’s equality to be had in going to 15-15 as well. Don’t like interleague play, though. One team on bye at all times feels about right. 154-game schedule. Top 4 from each league gets in. Best-of-sevens throughout the playoffs.

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