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A Little Dusty In Here

19 September 2010

Swear I immediately became 19 years old again when I watched this (even though I’m not a big Coldplay fan).

+Infinity for Youppi! doing the tomahawk chop on top of the dugout.

Please follow @Annakin_Slayd on Twitter. Musically talented, consummate Montrealer, keeper of the Expos flame.

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  1. ledog11 permalink
    19 September 2010 2:28 pm


    i’m so glad we have you as our voice on the internet jones. what if…

    • ejb514416905 permalink
      20 September 2010 12:01 am

      Its great to see the stands filled with happy fans, you dont even get sellouts in Tampa with an exciting club matching with big $ powerhouses. Our Expos in the same position today would have good crowds; 30-40, sellouts when the Ynaks and Red Sox come to town.
      It was my first year away from Montreal and I fully expected a trip back in October to see post season baseball.

      As a wise man once said to see, life isnt fair c’est la vie.

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