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Je Me Souviens

24 July 2010

Hawk’s induction = great excuse for Expos nostalgia.

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  1. georgekeri permalink
    25 July 2010 12:39 pm

    can’t stand to watch

  2. ejb514416905 permalink
    25 July 2010 8:25 pm

    If I may Jonah, a post I made on my friends Facebook page:

    Eric Bernstein Faveourite Expos moments.
    1979- Knowing that we would have a chance, a real chance only to be beaten at the end by the Bucs.

    1980- The day that never ended. A rainy cold saturday afternoon in Mtl. My dad left Toronto at 5 AM to make it for th…e 1:30 game against the Phillies. The rain prevented the start of the game until about 4 or so and we sat thru it all. All I can say was damm Mike Schmidt! First time they drove me to tears.

    1981- A damp saturday afternoon in NY when Wallace Johnson hit a double or triple to cement the Expos first trip to the post season. I was watching the game with a few of my friends before we went to the store on Mackle in CSL.

    1992- Sunday note in September. My brother and I took my dad for his 57 birthday to a game against the Mets. It was a ESPN game and Doc Gooden was amazing, Dick Schofield made a amazing play at short but Larry Booger Walker took E. Young deep to left and the 25,000 or so went fucking nuts!

    1993- The Expos mad a last effort to win the East and swept the Phillies at home. Curtis Pride wasa late call up and hit a double, A large crowd was there and they were noisy (way noisier than any Jays crowd). Pride was deaf and when a coach told gim that 50 thousand fans were screaming he tipped his cap. I was almost on my way out of Mtl to a new English life in Toronto but I bawled my eyes out there. Pride later said he could feel the noise as vibrations.

    1994- Fassero almost had a no hitter in a June game, he came close and I screamed and smoked my lucky Marlboro (I always lit up a Marly when we had a lead in the 9th) but he gave up a hit.

    2004- I had long given up on the Expos. I stayed loyal after 1994 when Brochu gutted the club, I stayed loyal when O’ Henry made it fun in ’96.
    But I gave up when they did not try to make a deal with Pedro.

    When they played the last game I sat there and watched everything.
    I expected violence, I expected fans on the field. What I did not expect was tears. Tears that poured out then and that I can feel in my eyes right now.

    The Expos were everything to me and I say it again, Montreal is dead to me now.

    If anyone here reads this and wants to pass on more memories of nos amours on Nick’s wall I would love to read them.
    See More
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  3. georgekeri permalink
    26 July 2010 3:55 pm


    As you well know, the Expos are not Montreal and Montreal was and is not the Expos

    • ejb514416905 permalink
      27 July 2010 9:40 pm

      George: I feel no connection to it anymore.

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