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Twenty Years Ago Today

23 August 2009

I attended this game.

22 innings

1-0 Dodgers win

Rick Dempsey hit the game-winning home run, right down the LF line

Off Dennis Martinez, pitching in relief

Future Expo John Wetteland got the win, pitching SIX relief innings for LA

Tommy Lasorda had Youppi! ejected for taunting Dodgers dugout

Youppi! earlier broke out his best costume ever, special Youppi! pajamas for the endless game

The game should have ended twice beforehand, once on a play at the plate that went against the Expos, the other time when a drive to right field appeared to be caught by Larry Walker, before replays showed he trapped it against the wall

I was 14 years old at the time, had gone to the game with my buddy Bean by Metro. Called my mom at 1 am to pick us up, since the Metro had stopped. Mom’s reaction: “Ha!”, then hung up. Luckily so few people were left in the stadium (probably less than 500) that we found a group of 8 kids from the rival high school there, we all piled into an older brother’s van and got lifts home.

Seriously, click the boxscore. The details just spill right out of it.

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