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Friday Links

7 August 2009

A few choice links to pass along on a sunny Friday here in New Hampshire.

Engrossing New York Times book excerpt from “Wrestling with Moses”, the story of how Jane Jacobs took on Robert Moses and helped prevent, among other things, an expressway from cutting a wide swath through lower Manhattan. More on Jane Jacobs here.

You’re dead to me, Carey Price.

On the 64-year anniversary of Hiroshima, a mind-boggling look at how the media then, as now, blindly supported the government’s actions and failed to do their jobs.

Rachel Maddow with a tremendous piece on how the supposed average Joes organizing protests at health care reform discussions around the country are simply lobbyists and other puppet masters for the HMO industry and other corporate interests. Much as we saw in the great book “What’s the Matter with Kansas”, it’s another case of string pullers controlling people who should have nothing in common with them ideologically. By all means, argue against health care by debating concerns about government spending, quality of care and other germane issues. But don’t get bullied into believing conspiracies foisted by people with a vested financial interest in smothering any and all reform plans in the crib.

And finally, an amazing, heart-wrenching story about a woman who corresponded with John Hughes back in her teenage years in the 80s, and how those correspondences changed her life. RIP, Mr. Hughes.

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