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Link of the Day: Rewarding Witch Huntery

18 June 2009

Over at Deadspin, Tommy Craggs (who’s been a terrific add as a featured writer on the site) has an excellent take on the PED witch hunt and the ill-begotten Cooperstown nomination handed to Steve Wilstein, the guy who made his bones by reporting that Mark McGwire was taking a legal, over-the-counter substance.

Money quote:

The story established the model for everything that has followed: insinuation, heaps of pseudo-science, a whiff of Drug War-era moralizing, the assumption that use is the same thing as abuse, the fat paragraph of scary side effects in which the writer essentially holds a flashlight under his chin and goes whooooooo, a quote or two from Gary Wadler, who remains the go-to drug warrior for journalists too embarrassed to quote someone named Dick Pound.

This isn’t meritorious journalism. It’s Nancy Reagan in newsprint.

Kudos and huzzahs, much more eloquent than my Twitter deluge on the Sammy Sosa garbage yesterday.

The War On Drugs is a crock. Warms the cockles to see intelligent writers speaking out against it, in the sports sphere or otherwise.

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