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Fun with Search Terms

15 February 2009

Just about every day, I check the blog’s Dashboard feature. It tracks everything from number of hits per day to my favorite feature, Search Terms. Usually, these terms are benign. Some form of “Jonah Keri”, often misspelled, leads people to the site. Some of my favorite and most frequently discussed topics also come up–The Simpsons, Montreal Expos, and All-Time Movies lists, to name a few.

But I think we may have a new winner for my favorite ever Search Term:

“swingers organizations albany ny”

I’m as mystified as you are.

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  1. 16 February 2009 4:19 pm

    I am not mystified at all.

    You have used the word “organizations” multiple times.

    You mentioned having visited Albany.

    You talked about enjoying the movie Swingers.

    As Lisa said when she saw the marquee for a Yahoo Serious Festival, “I know those words, but the sign makes no sense.”

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