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Tales from the campaign trail

3 November 2008

A very nice, moustachioed man in his late 60s/early 70s just knocked on my door to see if anyone in the household needed a ride to the nearest voting station tomorrow. Told him my wife had already voted by absentee ballot, and that as a Canadian citizen, I couldn’t vote. I thanked him for his diligence and sent him on his way.

Interesting how little attention we’ve gotten in the past few months here in New Hampshire. During the primaries, Obama folks were constantly sending us literature and/or knocking on our door. Now NH is going to go Dem by a wide margin, so we just get the token day-before knock.

It occurs to me that the person with the highest ratio of time spent fixating on the election to actual votes cast has to Andrew Sullivan, who, like me, is not a U.S. citizen. It’s possible that I rank second on this list. (Though for mathematical purposes, I am aware that with zero votes cast, the ratio of any non-citizen would be the same…humor me, you math maniacs!)

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