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Vote YES on California Proposition 2

31 October 2008

It aims to take animals out of high-density feed lots and provide more humane treatment, which will ultimately improve their health, and the health of the people who eat them. Even if you’re a vegetarian who doesn’t eat animals at all, supporting a measure that improves their well-being and that of the people who choose to eat meat should be an easy choice.

Here’s a YES on Prop 2 ad with Stevie Wonder flavor.

And here’s one from Jake Shields, a Mixed Martial Arts star and life long vegetarian.

Or check out what Ed Asner, Alicia Silverstone, James Cromwell, Hillary Duff and others have to say.

I wish we still lived in California, so we could register a vote. Since life has taken us to the forests of New Hampshire instead, I’m urging all California readers of to vote YES on Prop 2 (and NO on Prop 8).

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