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For the record…

29 October 2008

…if the Rays prevail in tonight’s continuation of Game 5, I say they win the World Series.

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  1. W Dubiel permalink
    31 October 2008 12:52 pm

    They didn’t. I had the impression that it wasn’t going to go well for the Rays when the Series shifted to Philadelphia, but getting out pitched by Moyer and Blanton? It was a disappointment. I like this Rays’ club. Would the Phillies be one of the top four clubs in the American League? That’s not evident.

  2. Jonah permalink*
    31 October 2008 3:21 pm

    The Phillies would’ve won the AL Central. Don’t know that they would’ve beaten the Angels, Red Sox or Rays. Of course we could play this game with any number of teams, placing them in the best or worst divisions, and pushing them in or pulling them out of the playoffs.

    I’d say the World Series showed that the Rays’ offense isn’t quite ready for prime time (during the regular season only three guys hit 20 homers–Upton hit just 9). That’s the area they’ll need to upgrade to match their pitching and defense next year. With Price going into the rotation, a trade of Kazmir for a big bat would be perfect. I just don’t know that there are ny teams out there willing to make that deal.

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