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Expos All-Time 40-Man Roster Revealed

15 October 2008

Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions for the Expos’ all-time 40-man roster. I’ve selected the 40 players who’ll represent Nos Amours for the league I’m in with Curt Schilling, Joe Posnanski, Derrick Goold and others.

Read ’em and…rejoice!

Gary Carter: One of the best catchers of all-time, a deserving Hall of Famer.

Mike Fitzgerald: The position was thin after Carter, but Fitz was a solid on-base guy who can be used in a pinch.

Al Oliver: Scoop only played two seasons with the ‘Spos, but they were dandies, including an ’82 campaign in which he led the league in both batting average and RBI.

Andres Galarraga: The Big Cat struggled as a hitter early in his career with Montreal before taking off in the thin air of Colorado. But he has a great glove and makes a great lefty-mashing platoon partner at first base.

Jose Vidro: The best second baseman in Expos history by a wide margin. It’s sad how quickly his career has gone downhill.

Ron Hunt: The HBP king. No power at all, but an on-base demon off the bench.

Bob Bailey: No Tim Wallach, no Larry Parrish, I’m as surprised as you. But in keeping with the OBP theme, Bailey made outs less frequently than any other third baseman in Expos history, so he gets the nod.

Hubie Brooks: Probably better suited to third base, Brooks was barely passable defensively at short. But he hit the snot out of the ball after coming over in the Gary Carter trade.

Wil Cordero: Another lefty-masher, another lousy glove. Orlando Cabrera just missed the cut, as his solid defense wasn’t enough to make up for his weak bat.

Tim Raines: My favorite Expo of all-time. The Rock absolutely must get into the Hall of Fame. Go to to learn more.

Rusty Staub: Le Grand Orange was every bit as good as his reputation. Which is saying a lot given how much he was loved in la belle province.

Andre Dawson: Many fans probably remember the one-dimensional slugger Dawson became with the Cubs. But here was the epitome of a five-tool player, with a killer arm, great speed and excellent range in center field before the Big O’s turf robbed him of his knees.

Moises Alou: Outfield is by far the deepest position in Expos history, with the likes of Warren Cromartie and Marquis Grissom missing the 40-man roster. No such problems for the manager’s son, who’ll be a monster pinch-hitter on this squad.

Vladimir Guerrero: He’s really good.

Pedro Martinez: Angele got to see Pedro throw this nine-inning perfect game in San Diego, a game that ended with the perfect game and no-hitter lost, but the game won, in 10 innings. Unfortunately I missed this game, but Angèle kept score. On a paper bag. And you wonder why I’m so happy after 11 years of marriage.

Jeff Fassero: People forget now, but Fassero was a horse in his prime, an ace-level pitcher who didn’t always have to be an ace, pitching alongside the likes of Pedro and Ken Hill with the ‘Spos. Dead ringer for Kevin Costner.

Dennis Martinez: El Presidente, El Perfecto!

Steve Rogers: Long, illustrious career as an Expo, and a heck of a nice guy after his playing days. But Rogers is probably remembered by many as the pitcher who caused Blue Monday. Sigh.

Pascual Perez: An original. Pascual once got lost on the way to a start in Atlanta. He threw the mother of all eephus pitches. He had the best jeri-curl ‘do ever. Oh yeah, and he could really pitch too.

Ugueth Urbina: I’ll refrain from machete jokes and just say that he was a very good pitcher during his time in Montreal. You might say he sliced up the competition. (dammit!)

Jeff Reardon: “The Terminator” seemed to put men on base all the time, then wiggle out of jams as he racked up bountiful saves with the ‘Spos. I miss relievers with giant, shaggy beards.

John Wetteland: Before he was Mariano’s mentor, he was an unhittable stopper with the Expos, another excellent player heisted by the Dombrowski/Duquette regimes.

Woodie Fryman: I only got to see him when Woodie was into his 40s, but he could still pitch, even at that age. Stingy lefty for a stacked ‘pen.

Tim Burke: The forgotten closer in Expos history, Burke had some big years, including an outrageous 7-0, 1.19 ERA in the juiced-ball year of 1981 that earned him an ERA+ of 355.

Mel Rojas: Mets fans can’t imagine that he was ever good, but Melly Mel was a terrific set-up man in front of Wetteland in his best years.

Rest of 40-Man:
Ron Fairly
Mark Grudzielanek
Delino Deshields
Orlando Cabrera
Tim Wallach
Ken Singleton
Larry Walker
Rondell White
Brad Wilkerson
Ellis Valentine
Carlos Perez
Ken Hill
Charlie Lea
Andy McGaffigan
Dan Schatzeder

Vs. LH
LF Raines
3B Bailey
RF Guerrero
1B Galarraga
CF Dawson
2B Vidro
C Carter
SS Cordero

Vs. RH
CF Raines
LF Staub
RF Guerrero
1B Oliver
2B Vidro
3B Bailey
C Carter
SS Brooks

7 Comments leave one →
  1. 16 October 2008 12:39 am

    Youppi feels so neglected right now.

  2. djbelc01 permalink
    16 October 2008 9:04 am

    (Because these jokes never get old) You forgot to mention that Ugueth Urbina always tried to bring some heat and burn up the opposition…

    And great story about Angèle with the Pedro game. I can’t decide which one of you is more lucky — she saw the game, but you’re married to her!

  3. briere18 permalink
    16 October 2008 10:39 am

    Hey where’s Bill Lee. I can’t get over that!! No seriously great team I would sell my golf bag and my bus pass to see this team play in the big O. Hey Jonah you probably know some important people in the world of baseball I bet you could talk someone into making an exhibition game in the big O with all these great players. Imagine how great would it be with a parade prior to the game with all the players coming down pie-9 then into the stadium with a 1994 season champion banner(I had season ticket that year still can’t get over it).Anyways I was just kiding there is NO chance that a professional ballgame will ever be played in the big O.Sadly…

  4. Jonah permalink*
    16 October 2008 10:47 am

    Bill Lee, Marquis Grissom, Javier Vazquez, Scott Sanderson, Bill Gullickson, Livan Hernandez, Warren Cromartie…some good players were among the final cuts.

    Ben, the Youpster will always have a fuzzy, orange place in my heart. Fortunately, he’s got a new, steady gig.

  5. 11 September 2014 12:01 pm

    I think Spike Owen should have been SS. Didn’t he break the record for most games without an error in each league? 70 error-free games must count for something…

    Apart from that, I’m only a tad sad to not see the Spaceman on there, the rest are, indeed, the best possible.


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