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Quad box!

1 October 2008

Did my weekly ESPNews hit yesterday, but with a twist. This being playoff time, I did two segments instead of the usual one. I was also teamed with both Jerry Crasnick and Keith Law, which combined with our host, creating the elusive quad box format…four scary heads on one screen.

Thanks to’s new and vastly improved Search function, you can search for and find this TV clip for your viewing pleasure — as well as other TV hits I’ve done, podcasts, and of course, far too many articles to count. Click here to see how it went.

Gee, tough to guess which one is the goofy Canadian posing as a baseball expert (hint: popped collar, Eurotrash glasses, skin that’s made to look yellow thanks to the awful lighting at WMUR-TV’s studios in Manchester) and which ones are the legit professional writers.

Also, today seems to be exclamation point day at So be it!!!

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  1. djbelc01 permalink
    1 October 2008 3:07 pm

    Whew. When you said “popped collar,” you had me worried for a minute! I thought you were referring to this:

    Thank heavens that’s not the case.

    Oh wait, sorry, I forgot it’s exclamation mark day. !!!

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