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Before I was a sportswriter…

8 August 2008

…I was some dude on the Internet who wrote a lot about baseball, but without getting paid. Specifically on a Montreal Expos board, first at, then Those were simpler times, when I could wield statistical evidence to argue about the worthlessness of Lee Stevens without worrying about deadlines, much less whether a certain suit and tie combo might look dorky on TV.

Anyway, I came across an old L.A. Times link today that brought the old memories back. Bill Shaikin, a former Montrealer who’s now one of the finest newspaper baseball columnists in the business, showed up at FanHome and asked if anyone would be willing to be interviewed about the imminent demise of our beloved Expos. I volunteered.

The result was, at the time, a real trip: An article in the Times, led by my depressed quotes.

Amazingly, the Expos lasted three more years before kicking the bucket/moving to Washington, DC. Still, watching a random game on a Saturday afternoon, seeing Vladimir Guerrero’s name in an Angels box score, or just driving around downtown Montreal like I have for the past couple days…je me souviens.

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  1. 8 August 2008 11:08 pm

    I remember you from those days, playing YNOT and reading y’all’s board. We still do the YNOT at the Cardinal site I’m at now. Y’all had a great board over there and it was a shame what happened to the Expos.

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