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25 July 2008

Still getting the hang of this blogging thing, and how I want to present content. It occurs to me (or more precisely my hella-smart wife Angèle, herself a much more polished blogger than I) that burying a mini-essay about baseball at the bottom of a politically-themed column, or after 15-20 links, probably isn’t a good idea. From here on out, posts will (hopefully) take on a cleaner structure:

–Links posts. Can be political, sports-themed, or other.

–Original content/essays. Stuff like the <a href= concert review, the piece about being a journalism outsider, and A few words about TV.

–Shorties. Link of the Day or a similarly quick thought.

–Programming notes. Radio, TV, links to articles and podcasts by/including me.

Hopefully this way FISA critics can get their outrage on in one place, while Benny Agbayani fans can lament the lack of fat Hawaiian sluggers in the game today (put on 50 pounds, then we’ll talk, Shane Victorino).

Of course you can get plenty of political commentary AND plenty of sports snark by simply scrolling down a couple posts at any given time, or using the handy Search bar on the right side of the page.

Now stay tuned for some fun links to usher you into the weekend.

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