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Fun Friday Flinks

25 July 2008

–We save the best for first, by starting with the Link of the Day. It’s a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed explaining how the new Batman movie is really…a tribute to George W. Bush! This would easily top The Onion and any other site for Satire Championship of the World. Except the author is being serious.

–A New Zealand judge is fed up with the cruel names parents are giving their children, and now he’s fighting back. I don’t see the problem here. If I want to name my hypothetical child Twisty Poi Keri, that should be my right as a tax-paying citizen.

–I’ve never been any good at soccer. But come on, even I could’ve scored this goal. My 16-year-old cat who never leaves the house could’ve scored this goal.

–For fellow baseball junkies: Awesome site that tracks all homers, how far they travel, and much more (hat tip to Frank).

–That same Frank, my Brewers loving buddy and the co-proprietor of the excellent Milwaukee Bucks blog, would like to inform you that Ryan Braun drinks your milkshake. Braun, a second-year slugger for the Brewers, has reached base his last 9 times up, which is really, really hard to do. His 9th-inning homer yesterday against the Cardinals was a game-winner. He’s also a big contributor to Habitat for Humanity. At this rate, Braun’s going to crack the top 5 in my list of greatest Jewish baseball players of all-time.

–Speaking of Jewish ballplayers, we’ve entered something of a golden age for them, given how few have truly excelled at the sport. Texas Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler leads the American League in batting average, Boston Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis leads all AL 1B in OPS and Braun is tied for third in the majors in home runs.

Also, Youkilis was the inspiration for what’s still one of my top 3 favorite/funniest baseball-related clips of all-time. OK, maybe my favorite. OK, definitely my favorite.

–A couple more oldie but goodie clips. Both involve Will Ferrell and a ball-busting female. Who’s more intimidating, The Landlord or The Bad Cop? You decide.

–Since giving up eating mammals as of the end of last year, I’ve surprisingly had very few cravings. I did miss eating stuffed cabbage and goulash soup when I was in Budapest a couple weeks ago, largely because those are the foods I grew up with. But for the most part, no problem. Well, my sister e-mailed yesterday to invite me to her birthday dinner in a couple weeks. Check out this menu–I’m sure I’ll do fine with the $14 veggie burger. But I have to admit, the ribeye, bacon burger and a dozen other choices look pretty damn good.

–Speaking of meaty, this piece from The Onion on C.C. Sabathia and Prince Fielder wanting to eat each other is comedy gold. BUT, it’s also unrealistic, and I’m not even talking about the two players morphing into a giant cheeseburger and a chili cheese dog. No, my beef here is with Fielder’s desire to consume Sabathia’s meaty flesh. He’s a vegetarian! If The Onion had argued that Fielder wanted to eat Sabathia because he imagined the big lefty as a tofu dog smothered in onions, that I would’ve believed.

–Also speaking of meaty, here’s a fun Q&A with Famous Fat Dave for Gelf Magazine. The author, Michael Gluckstadt, quizzed Famous Fat Dave about his business, which involves taking chowhounds on a culinary tour of his favorite restaurants in NYC, using an old-school Checker Cab to do it. This tour would seem to require mucho stamina. How anyone could keep going after Katz’s and Nathan’s alone, much less avoid a heart attack, is beyond me.

–This Huffington Post article is definitely a little over the top. Still, any piece that combines praise for Marvin Miller with an indirect flashback to one of my all-time favorites, former banjo-hitting Expo Casey Candaele, works for me.

–Fire Joe Morgan rules. And if you’re not a baseball fan and want to be convinced that this site is worth bookmarking, know this: The head honcho at Fire Joe Morgan is also the head writer for The Office. That’s right, baseball geeks control your TV. Deal with it.

–Finally, big hat tip to Jeff for this superb clip. You know what? I’m not even going to describe what you’re watching. Just watch and enjoy. It just gets better and better.

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  1. fmadden permalink
    25 July 2008 5:02 pm

    C’mon Jonah, it’s now “CC” not “C.C.” Edit your tags accordingly.

    Also, where the deuce is the “Frank Madden” tag??? I’m sure readers of frequently are looking for all references to me.

    Or not.

  2. Jonah permalink*
    25 July 2008 5:09 pm

    I’d say BrewHoop has about 800 times the number of readers as

    However, I do aim to please. Check the tags now.

  3. 7 January 2009 1:34 pm

    did Will Ferrell do this landlord skit specifically for online viewing?

  4. Jonah permalink*
    7 January 2009 3:12 pm

    Yes. He’s a frequent contributor to Not everything on that site is good (very few even approach this Ferrell clip). But probably worth adding to your Google/RSS Reader.

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