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Catching up and looking ahead

15 May 2008

Still getting used to this regular posting schedule, and as a result, occasionally an article falls through the cracks. So catching up, here’s my recent look at players having monster seasons for also-ran teams, courtesy of the New York Sun.

Tomorrow, Investor’s Business Daily will be re-running the Leaders & Success article I wrote about Bill James a few years ago. That was a fun piece to write and research, since my first exposure to baseball analysis was through James, via the Baseball Abstracts my dad bought me as a kid. Anyway, you can check out the updated piece at tomorrow, under Leaders & Success. Or just click the link from 2002, since not much has changed from the original.

Also tomorrow, the latest edition of my Yankees Preview column will run at I’m writing this sucker right now (well not literally right now, at least not until I’m able to graft on that creepy extra hand) and find myself a bit stymied. The Yankees are neither very good nor very bad this year, and have been far less interesting to write about this season than, say, the front-running Rays. This weekend’s subway series with the Mets promises to be interesting, though, if only because it gives New York’s sportswriters a chance to re-confirm their belief that there is no other world outside the five boroughs.

Thinking about NYC just conjured up images of Kuta, this Indonesian place I went to last week in the Lower East Side. Holy schnikes was that awesome food. Highly recommended if you’re anywhere in the tri-state area. It’s a no-brainer if you’re south of Houston on the East Side–great bars in that area for after dinner too.

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